Extra Small Businesses?

Right around this time of year many of us with small business that sell at art shows and markets are busy creating, setting up shop and selling.  What a fun, creative, and productive time of year it usually is!  Although I am usually a bit overwhelmed as I manage my small business with my full-time career as a teacher, it's always worth it!  For me, Summers are often spent on the creating side while Fall finds me designing the booth set-up/arrangements to highlight all my new (vintage) goodies. 

This year things are, of course, a bit different for many of us.  All the markets I participate in for this season have been cancelled.  While my energy is now focused on the craziness of the current school situation (we are currently IN school, thankfully), I do miss the excitement that the Fall shows usually bring.  Hopefully online sales will be profitable for all of us this year!  Eyes on 2021 (fingers crossed)!

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