It's Summer! Time to work...?

As a full time teacher with a side business that I LOVE, summer is always a time to create.  After my classroom is put away for the year, I always pack my car and head to the lake!  I love to read, enjoy the boat and the water with my husband and dogs…but as the summer days get started, I begin to feel the need to get busy in my workroom!  Most days at the lake it’s just me and my sweet Cavaliers, Maggie and Myles.  They get me up early, which is ok, since it gives me time to enjoy my coffee and get inspired before the heat of the day (Georgia is HOT)!  

It’s been quite a long time since I added a blog post to my site!  Hopefully this summer I will have the time (and the tech skills…ha) to add one or two before the school year amps up again.  It won’t be long until my new Kindergarten class marches in for their first year in the  “big” school!  Until that time arrives, I plan to offer a few discount codes and more fun pictures of products, events and shopping excursions!

Hope you are off to a great summer! 

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