On Your Mark, Get Set...Read!

When I was young, I loved to collect bookmarks.  The Scholastic book fairs at school always had a nice selection of bookmarks with puppies, kittens, rainbows...things an 8 year-old just loves.  As I grew, I found I still loved to mark my reading material in pretty and unique ways.  Along came the digital books, however, and I no longer needed bookmarks.  You just put a digital tab on that Kindle download and away you went.  If you are anything like me, however, I gravitated back to the basics.  I still read books on my iPad, but the feel of "real" reading material just feels right.  

In the process of making my book journals I came to love not just the covers, but the spines, as well.  The artwork is beautiful.  As one who likes to salvage just about everything possible, I began creating bookmarks.  Each spine has been carefully cleaned, cut and adhered to scraps of vintage wallpaper (see vintage clipboard collection) and then sealed with a hard laminate.  No two are alike, for obvious reasons.  I sell these bookmarks primarily at shows, but I hope to add them to the site at some point.  They are laborsome, but worth the effort!


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